OPPO 3PCS GIFT SET(500/1000/1500)

₹ 540 ₹1236
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OPPO 3PCS GIFT SET(500/1000/1500)

OPPO 3PCS GIFT SET(500/1000/1500)

₹ 540 ₹1236

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This Casserole is ideal to store cooked food, It has stylish exterior with enticing look.It has a thermal layer between storing bowl and exterior which keeps food warm and fresh for a longer time, It has sturdy handles for comfortable handling, It has a well fitting lid with a knob for convenience.It is made from food grade plastic, It is easy to clean.


Direction of use:-

For best results, store cooked food in full capacity, this ensures maximum heat retention.

Store chapatis, idlis etc in a cotton napkin, this will prevent sogging due to condensation.

For washing, use nylon scrubber with liquid soap or bar. After washing, pat dry with clean cotton cloth.

Avoid using abrasives like steel wool.

Keep away from flames.

Keep lid open when not in use.

Length: 49CM

Height: 19CM

Radius: WIDTH-12CM

Weight: 700 GRAMS

Manufacturer: SHANTHIONE


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